Read "Regional systems of cooperating libraries" in The Kansas Public Library Handbook, 1988.

  • Purpose of systems 75-2547

    • Can members of a regional system allow their patrons access to items before making these items available for loan to other libraries? Attorney General Opinion 80-42

  • Definitions 75-2548

  • Petition for establishment 75-2549

  • Constitute a corporate 75-2549a

  • Certain systems validated 75-2549b

  • System board, membership, powers 75-2550

    • What are the terms of governor's appointees? Attorney General Opinion 75-471

    • Must the treasurer of the executive committee by bonded? Attorney General Opinion 75-471

    • Must systems spend money derived from one county in that same county? Attorney General Opinion 78-268

    • Must a "a taxing district to levy at least 1/4 mill for the support of a public library for two years or more before the district is eligible to petition for exclusion from a regional system?" Attorney General Opinion 1993-123

    • How can cities withdraw from regional systems? Attorney General Opinion 80-50

    • When a county withdraws from a regional system, does the county have to give the levied taxes and system books to the system? Attorney General Opinion 1972 (3)

    • Can a school district supporting a city library be excluded from the regional library system tax levy? Attorney General Opinion 71-75-14

    • What are limits of the boards power? Attorney General Opinion 81-14, 79-309

    • Can library systems purchase property to house their operations? Attorney General Opinion 76-251

    • Do school and college library system members have a right to representation on the regional library system board? Attorney General Opinion 78-270

    • Can private libraries join regional library systems? Attorney General Opinion 79-309

    • Can library districts be created from townships in more than one county or more than one regional library system? Attorney General Opinion 73-167

    • Can regional library systems contract to provide library services to cities? Attorney General Opinion 1969

  • Selection of executive board, legal functions 75-2550a

  • Finance, cash basis and budget laws applicable, tax levy authorized 75-2551

    • Can a library be excluded from the regional library system tax? Attorney General opinion 87-108

    • Can district libraries be excluded from a regional library mill levy? Attorney General Opinion 73-312

    • Do regional library systems have the authority to levy a system tax in territories where a library tax is levied, but no library in fact exists? Attorney General Opinion 77-328

    • How would boundary changes in regional library system area affect tax levies? Attorney General Opinion 1969 (2)

    • Do regional library system boards have the authority to invest idle funds? Attorney General Opinion 76-83

    • What newspapers should systems publish their budgets? Attorney General Opinion 77-267

  • Establishment of standards by commission 75-2552


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