• Public Libraries in The Kansas Public Library Handbook by Roy Bird, State Library of Kansas, 1998.
Attorney General Opinions
  • Can library districts be created from townships in more than one county or more than one regional library system? Attorney General Opinion 73-167

  • Can district libraries lease their library building? Attorney General Opinion 78-285

  • Townships donating money to library districts. Attorney General Opinion 82-180

  • Can township libraries abolish themselves or transfer assets to a district library? Attorney General Opinion 73-380

  • Can county commissioners dissolve a district library? Attorney General Opinion 78-243

  • Can district libraries be excluded from a regional library system mill levy? Attorney General Opinion 73-312

  • Notice of election of board of directors. Attorney General Opinion 80-105

  • Does Kansas law say Kansas libraries must or must not withhold the names of library card holders or the specific titles of items checked out by patrons? Attorney General Opinion 78-255

  • Can district libraries get loans? Attorney General Opinion 76-40

  • Can the library board of a district library call an election on issuing bonds for acquiring an existing building? Attorney General's Opinion 86-105

  • Should the library board of a district library or the governing body of a municipality use home rule to exempt the library from tax lid law? Attorney General Opinion 89-130
  • (NOTE: The tax lid law, K.S.A. 79-5021 to 79-5036, inclusive, discussed in the above opinion were repealed July 1, 1999. Nevertheless, this opinion may remain useful for its explanation of applying home rule to district libraries.)


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