Attorney General Opinions
  • Can county commissioners levy a tax to pay a costs of delivering contracted library services to a portion of their county? Attorney General Opinion 1964 (2)

  • In a township, who should contract for library services the township library board or the governing body of the township? Attorney General Opinion 1968 (2)

  • Does contracting for library services from another library constitute the establishment of a library? Attorney General Opinion 73-214

  • When a township already raises a tax levy for a township library, is a county-wide tax levy for library services double taxation? Attorney General Opinion 1960

  • Does a county library tax levy to provide county-wide services to a township?

  • Can regional library systems contract to provide library services to cities? Attorney General Opinion 1969

  • Is there are relationship between county funding of a city library and county residents access to the same library? Attorney General's opinion 86-116


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