• Public Libraries in The Kansas Public Library Handbook by Roy Bird, State Library of Kansas, 1998.
Attorney General Opinion
  • Do library laws K.S.A. 12-1218 through 12-1235, written in 1951, apply to libraries established before that time? Attorney General Opinion 92-5

  • When a city, county or township library is created under K.S.A. 12-1219, is that library automatically a "body corporate" as described in 12-1223 or is some additional "library establishment" necessary for the library to be a "body corporate"? Attorney General Opinion 92-5

  • Can the board of county commissioners impose a cap on the tax levy determined by the library board? Attorney General Opinion 2006-4

  • Townships donating money to library districts. Attorney General Opinion 82-180

  • Can township libraries abolish themselves or transfer assets to a district library? Attorney General Opinion 73-380

  • Can county commissioners build a courthouse and additional space to lease for a township library? Attorney General Opinion 75-330

  • Can county libraries home rule to modify state statues concerning library boards? Attorney General Opinion 83-129

  • Can residents in a town with a library vote on the establishment of township library? Attorney General Opinion 1972 (2)

  • Who determines how much money is raised for a county library, the library board or the county commissioners? Attorney General Opinion 1964 (3)

  • Can the County Board of Commissioners cap the levy raised for a county library? Attorney General Opinion 2006-004

  • Can the governing body of a municipality eliminate the library fund levy for a library that has been established under the procedures specified in K.S.A., Chapter 12? Attorney General Opinion 97-35

  • Can county commissioners levy a tax to pay a costs of delivering contracted library services to a portion of their county? Attorney General Opinion 1964 (2)

  • In a township, who should contract for library services the township library board or the governing body of the township? Attorney General Opinion 1968 (2)

  • Can townships that voluntarily levy at least one-forth a mill for library service be excluded from a regional library tax? Attorney General Opinion 1966

  • Can a county board of commissioner's resolution authorize the diversion of library tax levy funds to the county general fund to charge the library for "administrative services?" Attorney General Opinion 92-47

  • Can funds of a county library levy be given to a city library in that county that is not part of the county library? Attorney General Opinion 73-359

  • Can a city or county hold a non-binding "advisory" election related to establishing home rule? Attorney General Opinion 83-177

  • Is a city, township or county public library a "taxing subdivision" for the purposes of the tax lid law? Attorney General Opinion 87-167
(NOTE: The tax lid law, K.S.A. 79-5021 to 79-5036, inclusive, discussed in the above opinion were repealed July 1, 1999. Nevertheless, this opinion may remain useful for defining "taxing subdivision.")


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