Attorney General Opinions
  • Can members of a regional system allow their patrons access to items before making these items available for loan to other libraries? Attorney General Opinion 80-42
  • What are the terms of governor's appointees? Attorney General Opinion 75-471

  • Must the treasurer of the executive committee by bonded? Attorney General Opinion 75-471

  • Must systems spend money derived from one county in that same county? Attorney General Opinion 78-268

  • Must a "a taxing district to levy at least 1/4 mill for the support of a public library for two years or more before the district is eligible to petition for exclusion from a regional system?" Attorney General Opinion 1993-123

  • How can cities withdraw from regional systems? Attorney General Opinion 80-50

  • When a county withdraws from a regional system, does the county have to give the levied taxes and system books to the system? Attorney General Opinion 1972 (3)

  • Does the regional system have the right to collect a tax levy in a school district whose territory has not been properly excluded from the regional system? Attorney General Opinion 89-69

  • Can regional library systems charge for federally funded services such as Talking Books? Attorney General Opinion 91-64

  • Can regional library systems charge for services to members in areas excluded from the system levy? Attorney General Opinion 91-64

  • Must contracts for services with regional library systems be identical? Attorney General Opinion 91-64

  • Can a school district supporting a city library be excluded from the regional library system tax levy? Attorney General Opinion 71-75-14

  • What are limits of the boards power? Attorney General Opinion 81-14, 79-309

  • Can library systems purchase property to house their operations? Attorney General Opinion 76-251

  • Do school and college library system members have a right to representation on the regional library system board? Attorney General Opinion 78-270

  • Can private libraries join regional library systems? Attorney General Opinion 79-309

  • Can library districts be created from townships in more than one county or more than one regional library system? Attorney General Opinion 73-167

  • Can regional library systems contract to provide library services to cities? Attorney General Opinion 1969

  • Can a library be excluded from the regional library system tax? Attorney General opinion 87-108

  • Can district libraries be excluded from a regional library system mill levy? Attorney General Opinion 73-312

  • Are regional library systems authorized to make annual levies? Attorney General Opinion 73-177

  • Do regional library systems have the authority to levy a system tax in territories where a library tax is levied, but no library in fact exists? Attorney General Opinion 77-328

  • How would boundary changes in regional library system area affect tax levies? Attorney General Opinion 1969 (2)

  • Do regional library system boards have the authority to invest idle funds? Attorney General Opinion 76-83

  • What newspapers should systems publish their budgets? Attorney General Opinion 77-267

  • When a library system board or regional library elects to exempt the district from the tax lid law, then publishes as directed by statute, what number of signatures would be required to validate a petition against the exemption action? Where should a protest petition be filed? Do county boundaries within a library district effect the number of petition signatures necessary? Attorney General Opinion 89-129
  • (NOTE: The tax lid laws, K.S.A. 79-5021 to 79-5036, inclusive, discussed in the above opinion were repealed July 1, 1999. Nevertheless, this opinion may remain useful for its explanation of applying home rule laws to regional libraries and regional library systems.)

  • If a regional system of cooperating libraries is established under K.S.A. 1965 Supp. 75-2547 et. seq., on July 1, 1966, when may it first levy a tax? Attorney General Opinion 1966 (3)

  • Must K.A.R. 54-1-17, requiring a local levy of 1/4 mills for two years before a public library can leave a regional system of cooperating libraries, be followed? Attorney General Opinion 93-123


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