• Subject index with links to Kansas laws related to public libraries and local government.

  • Links to Attorney General Opinions related to those laws.

  • Articles written by the Attorney General's office, the Kansas Library Trustees Association and from The Kansas Public Library Handbook by Roy Bird of the State Library of Kansas.

  • What type of library do I have? = Legal definitions for identifying the types of libraries covered by Kansas library law. The type of library you have determine which specific Kansas library laws apply to your specific library. One of the first things Attorney Generals do when writing an Attorney General Opinions (aka AGO) is identify the law for establishing the library to be discussed. This tells the Attorney General which Kansas laws to look at in answering a specific legal question. This is what you will do using the page, "What type of library do I have?"
    [NOTE: This does not mean that other laws in the "Subject index" do not apply to your library. As subdivision of local government, Kansas Cash Basis Laws, Open Meetings Act, etc. also apply to your library.]
  • Legal Words = A short list of legal terms.

  • Create your Library Law FAQ = A list of legal questions and instructions on how to find the answers on this Web site. Creating your own library law FAQ will produce a list of laws and legal advice related to your specific library. During the process of creating this FAQ you will learn how to use this Web site to answer future legal questions.


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