Attorney General Opinions
  • Does Kansas law say libraries must or must not withhold the names of library card holders or the specific titles of items checked out by patrons? Attorney General Opinion 78-255

    [NOTE: AGO 78-255 was written in 1978, as suggested by the first number. The "Open Records Act," K.S.A. 45-216 through 45-225 was written in 1984. K.S.A. 45-221 defining which "records [are] not required to be open" has been amended 18 times. K.S.A. 45-211 now list two exceptions to the Open Records Act that apply to libraries under (a)(7) and (a)(23).

  • Does the "Open Records Act" also cover electronic records? Attorney General Opinion 95-64, 2002-1

  • If records are reviewed in an executive session, does this effect the disclosure of that record under the Open Records Act? Attorney General Opinion 1995-119

  • How much can agencies charge for copies of records? Attorney General Opinion 87-4


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