Letter, December 14, 1973, to Janice Hardenburger, Executive Board Member, North Central Kansas Library System, Haddam, Kansas.

Dear Ms. Hardenburger:

We have your letter of November 23, submitting a request as the executive boar of the North Central Kansas Libraries for an opinion of the Attorney General whether $500 of the tax funds of the library system may be made available to the Kansas Library Association to assist in hiring a lobbyist to work towards passage of a Senate bill for state aid to libraries in the 1974 legislative session. You indicate that each regional library system, as well as some larger city libraries, are presumably being asked for funds.

It has long been the practice of this office to issue official and advisory opinions of the Attorney General only to those persons enumerated by statute, and to the chief legal officers of political or other subdivisions of the state. In this way, we are best able to provide prompt and efficient assistance and council to the various subdivisions which look to this office for assistance. Thus, I would appreciate your taking this question up with counsel for the executive board. he may be able to advise you promptly, for he may already have considered the question. If he believe the question requires the expression of an opinion from this office, he may submit a request, together perhaps, with his own conclusions and any research he may be able to provide. In this way, we are able to act more effectively and promptly upon this many requests we receive. I would appreciate your cooperation in this regard.

Vern Miller
Attorney General

- Quoted from Kansas Public Library Laws, Attorney General’s Opinions and Rules and Regulations, State Library of Kansas, March 1979.


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