Read "Liability" in The Kansas Public Library Handbook, 1998 and "Legal Responsibilities of Trustees" by the Kansas Library Trustee Association.

  • Immunity from liability for volunteers of certain nonprofit organizations, limitations 60-3601

    • Must a library have liability insurance for the immunity to apply to library board members? Attorney General's opinion 87-174

  • Definitions 75-6102

  • Liability of governmental entities for damages caused by employee acts or omissions 75-6103

  • Exceptions from liability 75-6104

  • Maximum liability for claims; apportionment of multiple claims; no liability for punitive or exemplary damages or interest 75-6105

  • Settlement of claims, procedure; effect of settlement 75-6106

  • Judgment against governmental entity, effect; judgment against employee 75-6107

  • Defense of governmental entity or employee 75-6108

  • Indemnification of employee acting within scope of employment; no punitive or exemplary damages; recovery or defense costs by governmental entity 75-6109

  • Costs for defense of municipalities or its employees; special liability expense fund, establishment and maintenance; tax levy 75-6110

  • Purchase of insurance 75-6111


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